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Vienna is the only capital in the world that produces large quantities of wine within its city limits. Wine cultivation is one of its distinguishing features. No wonder, because they have been mastering noble grapes since 1132.
The best way to discover the crisp and local Gruner FeltenerAnd Riesling or mixed sentence at the local level HeurigerWine bars, inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

For years, wine was only associated with Heuriger; Typical Viennese wine tavern, but at the same time it has become a stamp of honor. Vienna is becoming more established as a grape-growing region. Every year Vienna wine is the main focus of many events and has become a staple in many of the city’s wine bars, wine shops and inns. In short: Vienna wine is readily available and can be enjoyed in many places in the city.

the Heuriger Domestic Quality Seal

So, why haven’t you heard of Vienna wine?
Well, that’s because Viennese people know what’s good, so around 70% of the annual yield is drunk in much of the capital Heuriger.

Today’s pub law goes back to a decree issued by Emperor Joseph II in 1784, which allowed winegrowers to serve wine produced on their own vineyards. You can find out where Vienna is Heuriger Wine is served by not connected A sign and a fir branch, which also indicates that the pub is open. These two codes also ensure that only self-produced Viennese wines are served here.

Many Heuriger It is located on the outskirts of Vienna to the north at the foot of the Wine Hills. Here, the relaxed atmosphere, gardens on the edge of town, good wine and delicious cuisine make for Heuriger A popular destination for everyone.

You drink UNESCO cultural heritage

Vienna Heuriger Wine tavern culture has already been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2019. UNESCO has recognized how Vienna Heuriger An integral part of the Vienna wine landscape. For many Vienna winemaking operations, Heuriger It is the most important outlet and ensures the continued existence of the vineyards and thus the preservation of the local cultural scene.

Heuriger The culture goes back to medieval traditions in tender people term leutgeber Denotes all those who enjoyed the right to offer wine from their own vineyards to visitors. Today, the word this year It is meant both the wine from the most recent harvest as well as the establishment that serves it.

Walking in the vineyards

A popular daytime outing during the weekend is a stroll along the vineyards, from Heuriger to Heuriger. There are two great routes of about 10 kilometers each: City Hiking Path 5 will pass through the Bissemberg vineyards, and City Hiking Path 1 offers great views of Vienna from the Nu├čberg hills.

Sitting in the sun on benches amidst green vines, sipping a cool glass of white wine is the best land! Add to that some food from the region and a view of Vienna at your feet, and you’ll be absolutely blissful!

For those not happy with hiking, you can just head to Naschmarkt, the local open-air food market, and order a local wine; With 150 kiosks serving almost every type of food or beverage, you’ll have plenty of options.

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