Virtual Reality While Traveling – Sex Dolls & Trends at Meta-Verse

The world is changing. We live in a new age where digitization and codes are the norm and virtual experiences are just as valuable, and sometimes more valuable than real-world experiences. As our culture evolves, and since sexual culture is clearly a mainstay of culture in general, we expect our sexual culture to properly evolve with it.

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Just as Playboy magazines brought a new dimension to our sexuality a decade ago (and still do) and just as the invention of the Internet has brought us the wonders of pornography, wherever and whenever we desire, it stands to reason that the world of “web 3.0” and “beyond verse” would bring We have another new dimension to personal sexual exploration.

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1. Gender in verse metadata

Of course, there will be porn in our new virtual reality. Today, pornography still makes up the majority of web traffic. The main difference is that we now have many new tools and aspects of content creation that can be put into the mix. Imagine that you are walking in a virtual Red Light district, such as the one in Amsterdam, where sex workers can invite you and ask for your attention. This is more immersive and exciting than just scrolling through a 2D or 3D porn site.

The big companies and porn brands will surely make their claims in the meta beta and I think the new content will fetch higher prices than before, due to this immersive nature. We are already seeing VR video games accompanied by proprietary consoles and accessories in order to fulfill a specific game need. How will this be implemented through online sexual experiences? Sex dolls may be the answer.

2. Take your personal happiness to another new level

Sex toys, sex dolls in particular, already have the potential to bring individual, marital or group sexual pleasure to a new level, allowing for more spontaneity, experimentation, and excitement. When you combine the amazing fun of sex dolls with the exciting new digital world, you have the recipe for some hot, steamy fun. Grab your partner (or go alone), put on your VR goggles, and get your mate in high-quality silicone Get ready for a road trip.

3. Immerse your senses in the experience

It has long been known that you can immerse yourself more in an experience when you engage more of your senses. Touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight all send stimuli to your brain, allowing you to make decisions, evaluate situations and feel more or less pain or pleasure. If you’ve ever had a cut or bruise that didn’t start to bother you until you actually saw it, or if you felt something speed up your foot and you panicked, only to realize it was just your cat’s tail, then you’ll know how one extra sense affects the experience and change your mind about what’s really going on.

When you add a high-quality, beautifully designed and well-made sex doll to your VR porn experiences, not only will you have vision and sound, but now you can get the soft touch of skin-like silicone on your skin, the scent of the doll’s perfume (if you put any) and if You really want to get naughty, add some honey to your doll to add a sense of taste. If taste is your imagination, I highly recommend a silicone doll rather than a TPE doll, as it is safe and does not accumulate odors. BBdoll It is a great source of high quality silicone sex dolls.

4. Help your imaginative colleges and achieve a peak like never before

Now that you have great sex dolls and a virtual world to play in, you can let your imagination run wild like a burning man fest. What is your deepest and wildest imagination? With virtual reality at your fingertips, you can create scenarios and scenes that you could never have had before. such as role-playing; Now you can go deeper into your sexual role playing and get involved in a character as you like, in any scene you prefer.

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And now with puppets making up more members of your team, ready to bend to your whims and whims, you can create wild and new experiences to your heart’s content. You can be in your office, library or maybe on a yacht. The sky is the limit and the sex doll is happy to go with you anywhere and play any part in your genius role-playing fantasies.


Technology has brought us many joys and innovations throughout our life on Earth. From discovering electricity to using the same electricity in the stove that cooks (or burns) your food and the batteries that power your “massages”, you have always strived to make our lives better. While it comes with ups and downs, I’m sure we can all agree that sex dolls and virtual reality are definitely part of the upswing.

No need to undo. Enjoy life and all its amazing pleasures to the fullest. We are only here for a short time but what makes it special is the time we spend with friends (or buy ;]) along the way. Enjoy life, enjoy sex with your partner and doll, enjoy virtual reality and while you are in it you can enjoy it all together.

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