Volume 41 Issue in Summer 2022, New York Times Announcement

Courage, the protagonist of the manga novel Berserk, holds a blade in his palm with focus.

Earlier this year in May, the manga community was shocked by the news that Rambunctious mangaka kentaro miura She died at the age of 54. Since its debut in 1989, the dark fantasy manga has been incredibly popular and impressive, to become one of the best-selling manga of all time and produces numerous anime, games, and merchandise.

Dark Horse has been publishing English translations of manga since 2003, and they’ve done it announce that the English version of Volume 41 will be released in the summer of 2022. (In Japan, where it is published by Hakusensha, the volume has just been released on Christmas Eve.) With Hakusensha and French manga publisher Glénat, Volume 41 is also intended to commemorate the occasion with published illustrations. In the major newspapers of each country: Japan Asahi ShimbunAnd New York times for America and France the scientist.

Promotional material for Berserk Volume 41 by Kentaro Miura, in the pages of Japan's Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

When discussing artwork in A Translation asahiAnd An unnamed advertising manager in Hakuhensha thinks that’s why Rambunctious Overall, great popularity over the decades has been naturally due to Miura’s award-winning artwork. He described the late mangaka’s skill as “a language transcendental to attract fans from all over the world…Each painting is painted with the same exacting degree of detail as a work of art.” He went so far as to think that Miura had succeeded in the treatment Rambunctious As something for everyone, not just for manga lovers in Japan. “From the start of its serialization to the end, Miura has always been aware of creating something that would be interesting to readers in any country… I think it would be more accurate to consider it available to readers around the world because the content was aimed primarily at readers from all over the world.”

All three pieces of Rambunctious Supposedly the artwork would be released simultaneously, and the decision to publish it in newspapers rather than digital was to “enable the appeal” of Miura’s artwork, thus eliciting stronger emotions. Although each artwork is different, France is colored while the other two are black and white, the overall goal was for the artwork to speak for itself. The director said that many ideas were made for an advertising copy, but in the end they decided that “no words are necessary to express the allure of Miura’s illustrations.”

An American advertisement for Berserk Volume 41 by Kentaro Miura in the pages of the New York Times.

Important for newspaper ads to thank fans for their support following the death of their beloved creator, Miura’s ambition for his story to be something anyone can capture and love has also been followed. If the ad does its job, it is hoped that it will reach and interest those who may not have heard of the series before. “Newspapers reach a lot of people on the same day, so we can immediately speed up the rate of arrival Rambunctious It became a hot topic.” “If this leads to Rambunctious The fan community is spreading further, and I will be happy, not only as Hakusensha’s Ad Manager, but also as Rambunctious admirer.”

With Volume 41 releasing in the summer, fans are still wondering if the series will continue next Miura’s departure. After the release of Chapter 364 in September, which was his Final work and done by his assistants, the imprint of the manga Young Animal Comics didn’t give a real answer. In their open letter at the end of the class, they stated that “their first priority will always be given to him – what would he have thought if he was still with us.” Since then, they have remained understandably quiet on the matter, and it seems that it will remain that way until volume 41 approaches To be accessible to everyone.

An advertisement for Berserk Volume 41 by Kentaro Miura in the pages of the French newspaper Le Monde.

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