WandaVision, Marvel Shows Most Pirated TV Series of 2021

Wanda Maximoff, in a blue plaid shirt, sits on a striped sofa and talks directly to the camera.

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turns out that scarlet witch He cast a spell on much more than just Westville. Marvel’s Disney+ first TV series, WandaVision, was the most pirated TV show of 2021. But Other Marvel Shows He also dominated Tref 10, with a few exceptions – but always stupid in nature -.

This is according to TorrentFreak, a file-sharing news site, which has been tracking these stats for years when game of Thrones The proverbial pirate ship rule, which followed The Mandalorian In 2020. As for 2021, tThe 10 most downloaded TV series on Bittorrent (and where you can watch them legally) are…

1) WandaVision (Disney +)

2) loki (Disney +)

3) the magician (Netflix)

4) The Hawk and the Winter Soldier (Disney +)

5) hook (Disney +)

6) What if…? (Disney +)

7) Enterprise (Camel)

8) Rick and Morty (Different)

9) mysterious (Netflix)

10) wheel of time (Prime video)

As you can see, all five Marvel TV series released in 2021 have been a hit, taking five out of the top six. Even hook He made it, which is incredibly impressive since the last episode aired literally just a week ago, on December 22. As for the others, we have two versions of our beloved fantasy novels (the magician And wheel of time), one adapted from the beloved science fiction series (Enterprise), one link is related to a very popular video game (file League of Legends prefix mysterious), then the most popular and cult favorite cartoon of the past five years (Rick and Morty). I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that people who are tech-savvy enough to walk around hacking content are very likely to be obsessed, but I am surprised that they are all apparently huge Marvel fans. I also wonder if WandaVision It topped the list because it was released in January, and thus has been available for a longer time.

There are other caveats to these classifications; First, these numbers do not reflect other downloads from other torrent sites, and second, ratings are “based on individual episodes which means that season packs are underrepresented which is detrimental to batch-released series.” So take this list with a grain of salt. If you are a pirate on the high seas of torrenting, buying should be easy enough.

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