Waymo will add electric cars specially designed by Chinese company Geely to its robotic fleet

In the future, Waymo Robotics Corp.’s fleet in the United States will include electric vehicles specifically designed for service by Chinese automaker Geely. Alphabet has teamed up with Geely to create a version of their recently launched all-electric Zeekr car designed specifically for self-riding. Waymo detailed and showcased renderings of the modified electric vehicle, which was designed in Sweden, in a blog post.

It doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals, as you’d probably expect now from a fully autonomous car – a traditional cockpit is a tablet that most likely serves as a navigation and entertainment system. Waymo said they modified the car and gave it a flat floor for easier entry, ample head and legroom, reclining seats, and chargers everywhere. The company will then integrate its Driver technology, which includes software and hardware components such as cameras and sensors, into the vehicles.

Waymo’s current fleet of passenger cars consists mostly of Jaguar I-Paces and Chrysler Pacifica hybrids that have also been modified with their technology. A company spokesperson said it did not specifically mention its vehicles Take Crunch That its cooperation with Geely will not affect its existing partnerships. The company also didn’t say when the passengers would be able to ride Geely cars, only that they would be added to its US fleet over the coming years.

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