Waze will start showing electric vehicle charging locations on its maps

One of the problems that electric car makers still need to overcome is the introduction of more charging stations for their cars. This is because unlike gas stations that can be easily found, electric vehicle charging stations aren’t exactly ubiquitous. This means that electric vehicle owners will need to be extra careful when planning their route to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

However, the good news is that if you use Waze, you’ll soon be able to search and find EV charging stations on their maps. Before that, owners could already view gas stations on their Waze maps and trails, but now there will be the option to search for EV charging stations as well, which we imagine is a welcome update for EV owners.

According to Waze Industry President Jeffrey Cole, “This is an incredibly exciting moment for Waze as Volkswagen introduces electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to our map for the first time ahead of a very busy holiday travel period. Volkswagen is helping shape what the electric vehicle will look like on the Waze map and we look forward to highlighting the breadth of EV stations are available across the United States, especially as more car brands move toward an electric future.”

However, Google Maps can already show electric vehicle charging locations, and given that Waze is owned by Google, it’s no surprise that this feature has found its way into the app, although it’s unclear why it’s taking so long.

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