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Rejoice! It’s finally time for all of us Discussing and dissecting spoilers to Spider-Man: There is no room for home. It’s not just speculation either. actual, The real things that happen in the movie. And while it may seem so There is no place for home It’s a movie that movie fans discovered long before the single-frame was released, and we now know that’s partly true, and partly not. Below we’ll talk about the biggest events in the movie and what they might mean for the future Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Let’s start with the biggest. each one of us Kind of knows I didn’t think it was possible but secretly wished it were. And that’s what Doctor Strange and Spider-Man who split the multiverse have done, in fact, bring the other two real-life Spider-MeN, played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, is out of this world. And I mean, let’s take a moment to admit how awesome this is. Who knows how much money these guys were paid to come back but the fact that they reconsidered these roles to serve this story, is really something. In addition to me Can’t say this in my review But I can now, that the scenes between the three of them were quite exhilarating. The humor, the flashbacks, the feelings, they are all perfect. seriously, There is no place for home It’s a good movie at best until Garfield and Maguire show up, and then the whole thing takes it to another level.

Plus, while we all had an idea they were coming, how they got there was a surprise in itself. Ned, having stolen Doctor Strange’s ring, had the ability to open portals to other parts of the city that allowed the other Peter to pass. New pair ability Ned with a very brief glimpse of what it’s like in MJ’s apartment green outfit, plus plenty of knives, and you’ll get an idea of ​​Peter Parker’s friends (or ex-boyfriends, which we’ll get to) might have heroic aspirations of their own.

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The friends head to Strange’s cellar/dungeon.
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The biggest talking point with the new Peters isn’t what happens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Once the Three Peters valiantly save the city from Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro, everyone returns to their dimensions. This is. However, it is not. The Spider-Men does not defeat villains in the traditional sense, but rather repairs them and removes all their evil tendencies. So when all of these characters return to their universes, we assume they won’t be bad anymore. But when will they come back? Do they return at the moment of their death, which seems to be when they came? Or will they return now, a few years later, when they were already dead? How would any of that fit into those facts or affect the lives of other Spider-Men?

Honestly, though? I don’t think any of that will ever be covered. You have a sense that this was Sony and Marvel’s big opportunity to bring these movies into this universe and now they have. Which is great, but the fallout will undoubtedly spoil those facts. Maybe something like this Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse We can handle it but we can’t be sure. Our best guess is that we will never see Peter 2 and Peter 3 again. If you do not agree, tell us below.

Of course, once everyone returns to their dimensions, there is still the problem of the multiverse absorbing every spider villain in this world to take care of it. (In the shadows you definitely saw unicorns, and maybe some others too, let’s know who you saw below.) Peter – Tom Holland – realizes that the only way to stop people from traveling across dimensions to kill Peter Parker, is that Peter Parker doesn’t exist. So he asks Strange to remove all memories of Peter Parker from the world, including his friend MJ and Ned.

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Spider-Man, Hanging for Life’s Deal to Exist.
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My first thought about this was that Peter wouldn’t have done this if Aunt May was still alive. That Aunt May, his only real family we know, murdered earlier in the movie allowed him to make such a cruel, selfless decision. Now, as the other Peter said, you didn’t really die for nothing. Once you get past that, the choice makes sense as a solution but greatly complicates the narrative going forward. The later scene reveals that the world still remembers Spider-Man, and he still exists, not that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. And that’s because literally no one knows who Peter Parker is now. It does not exist.

This brings Peter back to square one in many ways. Not only as a hero but as human beings. What about bank accounts, potential inheritance, school, just basic deceptive things to exist? All of these mountains seem too big to climb if you don’t have an ID. The movie highlights this because we see that Peter now has his own apartment (what money?) and is studying at GED. Therefore, losing his identity supposedly means no more high school but he still plans to continue his education. He has a plan. But it’s a bit confusing to say the least.

There’s also that new suit to consider. From a comic fan’s perspective, the movie ends with Peter now wearing a homemade Spider-Man suit that feels like the whole story in the MCU so far was an original story for him to become the Spider-Man of the Comics. Now he finally has the confidence to do it on his own. However, was he forced into this decision because Stark’s suits were coded for Peter Parker and now Peter Parker doesn’t exist? Does the magic of Strange work with technology, too? One might suppose, and if so, it makes this decision a tad less robust.

Speaking of which, more broadly, is Spider-Man still an avenger? Sure, there’s no guarantee that the Avengers will exist even without Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow, but now no one knows who Peter Parker is. Did he just go to Nick Fury, take off his mask, and reintroduce himself? How would anyone react to that?

Really, you could go on talking forever about how this movie ended. What we do know is that Spider-Man in the MCU is back on the starting line. An unknown hero and the world is under his feet. Will he choose to keep things at the neighborhood level, or will it get even bigger? We’ll find out eventually. Tell us what you think of the big exposses and ramifications of S.Biderman: There’s no room for home less.

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