What happened to Instagram’s “Meta” handle?

When Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta, the company was ready. Immediately after Mark Zuckerberg delivered a zigzag keynote extolling the benefits of the metaverse, the company revealed that it had repainted the “Excellent” banner located at its headquarters in Menlo Park. Many of her social media accounts, from Facebook to Meta, have also been converted.

Except for one main account, that is. As many pointed out at the time, the company had no control over the Meta Index on Instagram. It belongs to a small Denver-based magazine . On the day of the Facebook announcement, the company, which publishes lifestyle stories about motorcycles, posted an image to a number of publications with the caption “Since 2014”.

That evening, recent posts from the Meta account were filled with comments encouraging the owner to “keep” the account, or at least sell it at a high price. One user wrote “Hold and sell high”. But by the next day, the account had mysteriously disappeared, like quartz . It’s not clear what exactly happened, but Meta has now included all the content from the previous @Facebook page on Instagram. Posts on the account precede October 28, as if the social network has always controlled it. Posts from dead, the magazine, now appears under the title readmeta.

dead The publisher did not respond to requests for comment. But there are still signs of her former Instagram account on her website. The company’s website is still linked to its old account, Oddly enough, clicking this link from the publisher’s website throws an error, even though it links to the same URL as the Meta account that is now owned by Facebook.

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Tuesday, Ben Geese, deadOne of the magazine’s founders and editor-in-chief announced that the magazine’s latest issue would be the last under the name it had used for more than eight years. Written in a. “With the push of a button, our identity was abruptly loosened, and we watched our name run around the drain and wash up with something we had no control over.”

Geise did not respond to requests for comment, so it’s hard to know exactly what happened. But Instagram’s terms of service state that companies are unable to “reserve” handles. The terms state that companies cannot claim trademark infringement if the account holder is using it for an unrelated purpose. “Using someone else’s trademark in a way unrelated to the product or service for which the trademark was granted is not a violation of Instagram’s trademark policy,” this policy states. Instagram usernames are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

Of course, accounts and wizards are often traded anyway. Companies have been known to use escrow services to negotiate account transfers, while others have been used to access accounts with desirable handles.

But this practice is also subject to Instagram’s Terms of Service. The Terms of Service state that “You may not sell, license, or purchase any account or data obtained from us or from our Service.” This includes attempts to buy, sell, or transfer any aspect of your account (including your username); solicit, collect or use other users’ login credentials or badges; or solicit or collect Instagram usernames, passwords, or codes. Inappropriate access.”

That raises questions about whether Facebook has bypassed its own rules in order to gain access to a desirable username, the kind of action for which other users are routinely blocked. Or whether the company found another justification to take over the account. An Instagram spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

So far, dead The publisher says it’s focused on the future. “Our brand is so much more than just a name. We are a way of living,” Guys wrote. “We speak to inspire and encourage the rare breed of humans out there who are bold enough to chase their dreams and never look back.”

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