What pop culture has surprised you this year?

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's The Witcher, smiling in Anya Chalotra's Yennefer.

picture: Netflix

As bad as 2021 is, pop culture has provided us with some bright spots. be it good movies, Solid Video Games, or enchanting novels, there were plenty of ways to escape a year that swings intermittently back and forth between being awfully bad and excruciatingly painful.

In many cases, things we wanted or needed to be good ended up being good, maybe even great. Now you know that a Marvel movie will give you 2.5 hours of entertainment, or that Netflix original (which the company is actually dedicated to letting you know they exist) will usually be worth the weekend party. But what’s more interesting are the things you didn’t expect to enjoy as much as you did, or the things you had mixed or negative thoughts at first, but ended up winning. This kind of unpredictability is always welcome.

There have been some pleasant surprises for me throughout 2021. I totally didn’t expect to win them hook Of all the shows, or get some hilarity out of the absurd short term Cowboy Bebop. Like many others, I wasn’t ready for that mysterious To win me completely or in favor Masters of the Universe: Revelation To make He-Man’s corner of the universe worth paying attention to. Wisdom movie, I found myself pleased with it malignantAnd No time to dieAnd And DuneAnd For example, but not limited. And for gaming, you really come away from me Guardians of the Galaxy (Like a lot of people) after its unusual presentation at E3, along with a flashy anime RPG Scarlet Nexus An amazing first person shooter Boomerang X.

As we’re in the last weekend of 2021, tell us: What did you watch, play or read this year that surprised you? Alternatively, is there something you thought you liked more than you already did? Tell us in the comments below, and have a good holiday.

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