Where have you visited? The travel app that does it all for you

Like many people who love to travel, I’m sure you’ve at some point sat down and counted the number of countries you’ve visited. But what you couldn’t easily do, however, is use this information – and more – to learn more about your past and future travel adventures. Now it’s all made easy with the new Visited travel app, co-founded by husband and wife team, Brian and Anna Kavitz.

Choosing the countries you visited using the app is really simple. Simply search for it from the list and select a button to say you were. You can also select where you live and the countries on your Wish List. All colors can be customized according to your preference but the default is yellow for where you live, blue for where you’ve been and red for where you want to visit. This allows you to very quickly produce a map like the one you see above, which you can pan and display at different scales.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve selected all the countries you’ve visited, the app will tell you how many countries you’ve visited, and what percentage of the world you’ve covered (I believe this percentage is calculated from the total number of countries and regions included in the app, rather than any estimate of the percentage of the world’s land mass) and how you rank along with other users of the app. It will also show you the countries most visited by the citizens of the place where you are staying.

Of course, there are no prizes for visiting more countries than anyone else, nor does it make you a better traveler. Personally, I always advocate spending more time in one country rather than trying to “tick” another country just for that. Having said that, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I at least get a little excited when I’m about to visit a country for the first time.

I would just suggest that people use the information for their own personal enjoyment and interests, to find out where they have been and where they might want to visit in the future, rather than any bragging rights. And the app is great for that. Click on the “Inspiration” section, and you will get ideas galore… As I progress now, I am introduced to Split (Croatia), Mount Cook (New Zealand), Breakaway (South Australia), Paros (Greece), Ohio Reef (Ohio).. And so… all accompanied by a beautiful picture. I can say, quite simply, whether I want to visit or whether I have already visited, or I can simply skip to the next suggestion. As you make your choices, each is saved and noted, so the app learns more and more about your travel preferences the more you use the app.

And it doesn’t stop there. Click on the Lists section and it will show you famous hiking trails, pyramids, art museums, world capitals and more.

I perused the list of Wonders of the World and was able to tell that I only went to 19.1% of the list of Wonders listed. Again, it’s not a contest, of course, to visit them all, but it might be humbling to realize that even if you’re an experienced traveler, there is still plenty to see and explore.

The Visited travel app is free and available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. In-app purchases are available (for example, you can unlock a city map so you can add pins to the cities you’ve visited). We loved using it and hope you do too.

This post is sponsored by the visited travel app.

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