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When full-time nomadic Jocelyn Garwood found herself in the beautiful Algarve in winter, she was fascinated by the sky views of sunrises and sunsets. The beaches of the Algarve are an ideal place to witness both phenomena, as they have great views of the south. In a matter of minutes, the sky changes and reveals different colors, and Jocelyn shows us with her photos how nature is so beautiful that it almost makes a mockery of art.

By Jocelyn Garwood

The Algarve is paradise in many ways. Sun, sand and sea. Cliffs, caves and bays. Fresh sea air. Gorgeous cobbled walkways. Lovely locals. In winter silence and solitude.

However, what surprised me the most were the colors of the Algarve. Ocher cliffs, turquoise waters, green vegetation – it all seems to change in gradation throughout the day. The most beautiful yet are the glorious notebook endings of a winter’s day: dawn / sunrise and sunset / twilight.

With the dawn marking the birth of a new day and the twilight marking the end of the day, I found myself leaning toward each moment and realizing more than ever that the only permanent thing in life was change itself. I felt very small – almost insignificant – in the general scheme of things. On the other hand, I enjoyed such heavenly splendor, and I was overjoyed to be here at all, no matter how short the time was.

Although the same features are common throughout the Algarve, I chose here to focus solely on Praia da Rocha, Portimão’s resort area.

Praia da Rocha has the distinct advantage of having an excellent viewpoint, Miradoura dos Três Castelos, at the western end of the promenade. This viewpoint is designed in such a way as to give each visitor a clear and unobstructed view of the entire beach area from east to west. It is also an ideal location for capturing sunrise and sunset.

Alternatively, there is easy access to beach areas and viewpoints along the cliff tops, where the spectacle of colors in the sky can also be enjoyed, along with a drink at one of the many restaurants en route.

Whatever your location, Praia da Rocha’s winter skies offer peace, tranquility and an unparalleled gamut of colour.

About Jocelyn Garwood

Jos is a Nomad (also a solo traveler), born in Canada but a citizen of the world. When she was on the morning side of the mountain, she would hang her bag on her shoulders and begin her long walks. Now that she’s on the evening side of the mountain, she’s still carrying her backpack on her shoulder, but she’s no longer moving—which is too dangerous.

Follow these inspiring nomads as they prove that curiosity and a sense of adventure have no expiration date and no price.

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