You Won’t Get Twitch Recap 2021 If You Turn Off Marketing Emails

Like Spotify, Reddit, and Nintendo, Twitch gives users a glimpse of their activity in 2021. Among other stats, Twitch Recap tells users how long viewers watch a broadcast or how much time creators spend playing games for viewers or broadcasting from their hot tubs. general.

There was a catch, though. Twitch users need to sign up for marketing emails beforehand. “To receive the summary, you had to sign up for marketing emails before sending them,” Twitch said. Twitter support account. “Unfortunately, we cannot manually resubmit summaries.”

Of course, the responses to this tweet are full of complaints from frustrated people who didn’t realize it Closed Marketing emails or they were unaware They needed to sign up. others I suggested Twitch was supposed to display the summary on its website and app, as many other services do.

Twitch is obviously free to send feeds in any format they like, and if users want to sign up for marketing emails first, so be it. However, perhaps Twitch should have communicated this better to users who normally enjoy seeing and sharing their feeds with others, who may now have Missed. He could have sent them a notification if they had opted out.

Meanwhile, Twitch shared its own feed. Viewers spent 1.2 trillion minutes watching broadcast channels this year while more than 14 million channels were broadcast for the first time. She said the first categories were again just chatting (which is self-explanatory), followed by Grand Theft Auto V And all the role players in it, League of LegendsAnd valuation And Maine Craft.

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